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Accuracy grinds light

“Operate machines freely, produce quality products efficiently”
Our technology and know-how, which makes the maximum use of human wisdom and creativity, is systematized so that we produce high-quality products at any time. In addition, our ever-evolving production technology enables us to process special shapes and various products.

Photometric Simulation & Design

With our cutting edge numerically-controlled equipment including CAD/CAM systems for modelling and compiling process data, we are working to realize ultrahigh accuracy and reduced delivery time of products with proper costs.

Reflector manufacturing - Modeling and fabrication of machining data using CAD/CAM systems, etc.


Our mold is made by bundling parts called pins that have various angles. Accuracy of each pin is the key to high quality products. Therefore, engineers are striving to produce highly accurate products.

After various inspections by human and machine measurement, the pins are assembled to a mother mold. We daily strive to develop even higher quality reflector molds making full use our accumulated experience over 30years and the cutting edge technology.


We use transcripts about 10-15mm thick made through electroforming on a mother model, called a mandrel. Plating solution is the most important so that we must keep quality control or the proper condition based on many years of experience, or through daily solution analysis.

Reflector manufacturing - We are constantly researching more efficient electrodeposition methods and shorter delivery times.

As you know, it takes a long time to finish electroforming, especially with 10-15mm thickness. It means electroforming is obviously intense work, and failure is not an option. Actually, we are working to reduce delivering time and develop much better electroforming method.

Metal Processing

Our ever-evolving production technology has allowed creation of special forms and processing of various products. While ensuring high accuracy in size and dimension shown in drawings, subtle change in pressure is adjusted and a three dimensional form is created. These can be only realized by skills of specialists with much knowledge of machines and materials.

We process various materials and its shape while making full use of various machines, and taking advantage of the unique know-how that we have cultivated for years.

Finish Processing

We must finish by hands the other parts that can’t be processed with machines. Which means very sensitive, difficult to touch, and the special skill set is needed. But there is no problem, we have super talented craftworkers here.

Reflector manufacturing - Skilled engineers hand-polish the fine parts that cannot be finished by machine.